Friday, March 6, 2009

Gypsy Basin Road

This is Gypsy Basin. Years ago, Robert and I discovered this place, but later on, couldn't remember how we got here, or what the name of the place was! It's taken us about 5 years to find it again. It was worth the wait, it's just as magical now, as it was then.
This is The Old Man of the Mountain. If I had to choose a favorite mountain, I guess he would be mine.
I could guess we saw 500 deer on the way to Gypsy Basin. We drove through slowly, but they still thought they had to jump the fence.
The Rockport Hutterite colony is along the way to Gypsy Basin. We love to stop at the colonies to buy vegetables, homemade sticky buns, and lots of other goodies!

Nothing makes me happier than to see a long, enticing road stretching before me!

This coyote was way off in the distance, very wary! He ran away even though he was a mile off!

At the start of our trip, we went by the game farm. When this guy was 7 years old, his dad asked what he wanted to do when he grew up. At 7 he replied, "I want to raise camels!" And now he raises camels, his lifelong dream. Some of these camels appeared in the "Weeping Camel" movie. We met these people when they brought the camels to a western feed store grand opening.
Some of the elk from the game farm, one of them lets you pet her, the bull tries to stick his antlers through the fence to poke holes in your body, watch out for him!
The eagles were fishing. There are more photos from this trip on my facebook photo site. Become a fan while you're there!
Hope you've enjoyed Gypsy Basin! I can't give exact directions to this place, but when you are heading north toward Dupuyer, Mt, about 10 miles before you get to Dupuyer, look for a road that heads west, it's actually named, Gypsy Basin Road. Imagine that? LOL. I have no idea why we lost that road for five long years.... I suppose it was because the day we first found the basin, we took several other roads before we got to the basin.
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  1. Great post! Thank you for taking us along on your trip. I love seeing all the beautiful wildlife and beautiful scenery. What a way to escape!

  2. Thanks Brenda! It does keep us entertained..:) We thought for a long time before this idea jelled, we wanted to find a way to share the things we see...

  3. Brrrrrr wonderful tale and photos of a winter in the high country! Camels in the snow?? Dreams can come true... enjoyed this one Donna!

    PS, I posted this for Schar as she couldn't get the comment feature to work when she was here.