Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Red Dirt Road. Cascade, Mt to White Sulphur Springs.

Years ago, when Robert was driving truck, he delivered a log home to an area near Cascade, Mt. He didn't remember the exact location of the delivery, but he knew he went through Cascade, Mt to arrive at his destination.
We went to Cascade, then took off on country roads. Made a few wrong turns, hit some dead ends, then finally came to a place he remembered! There's a county shop along the Smith River when you're heading to the Eden Crossing, take that road, heading south, up a steep hill, and you're on your way! This is dirt road 330 on a map, and you'll be heading for road 360, roughly following the Smith River.

I've posted a photo shoot of our trip, complete with animals and scenery. We took this road Memorial Day of 2007, so the weather was a little cool, and the wildlife was out roaming around. We saw antelope, a badger, a coyote, an elk, bluebirds and hawks and some deer. The elk and coyote were to distant to show in photos, but you might spot them. See the Cascade to White Sulphur Springs photo shoot now, to really enjoy the trip!
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