Saturday, March 7, 2009

Great Falls on 226 to Ulm on 330.

This little old windmill sits by itself, out on the prairie. I look forward to seeing it, each time we travel this road. It's on road 226, heading south out of Great Falls. We take this road in a circle until it joins 330, heading into Ulm.

I love taking photos of cattle chewing their cuds. This bull was chewing away...I catch the rhythm and click when the mouth is open! It's kind of a silly game I like to play. Cattle are always chewing their cuds, so you know you can play often...:) To bad the mouth is always in line with the top wire on the fence...

The prairie is beautiful. I never get tired of finding it's secret places.

This house sits on a bluff, I can't imagine homesteading there. But perhaps in the old days, a creek ran there, so it made sense!
This is the bluff the house sits upon.
Smith River, near Ulm.

There are always deer along this road. This trip, there were some magpies sitting on the does back. You can see them if you look closely. The deer were a long way off, I barely caught the magpies.
Donna Ridgway

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  1. Donna I think your photos are wonderful! you have a great eye...

  2. Thanks Delia, I can't go wrong with Montana for a palette! :)